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Our story
The name “Camelēr” (cameleer) is the person who drives or rides the camel. It is the merchant who brought the spices and other thrifts between continents. The “M” in our logo signifies a camel's movement and their humps uniqueness with sharp serifs influenced by fonts created during the enlightenment period over the 17th and 18th centuries. The line over the ē called a “macron” marks the Latin way. A long vowel (ee) sound.

This is where our story of Camelēr Spice Cº begins.

Our aim is to transport you into a world of fine blends, where we can share the benefits of indivi...
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About Us
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Hi! we're Halle & Myles, and Camelēr Spice Cº is a small batch, in-house, exceptional flavour experiences using high-quality & unique spice blends that are delicious & memorable. Eco-nutritious options, using 100% natural, no additives & sustainably-sourced unexpected ingredients providing a conscious alternative to conventional spices.

Cultural heritage & celebration of traditional spice blends from around the world, passing on the history & significance of different spice blends & their culinary uses.

Proudly Ethnic & Minority Led

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