Todelli introduces local first food discovery & instant replies

Todelli | Local first food discovery

A few months ago, we introduced fine food makers and hospitality buyers to our pilot web-app, for the first time in the UK market, and the adoption from both sides was great! Today, using all we’ve learned so far, we’re excited to release a new and improved version that provides a better experience for all our users, enabling better local first fine food discovery for hospitality buyers as well as instant communication and replies.

We’ve introduced a better and faster search

With autocomplete recommendations, our search is now able to browse by location, product type, brand name or even a product proposition giving you fast and reliable results. Using our improved search, members can find specific producers and products, browse within specific regions or even search for a characteristic and proposition of a product – for example, ‘Gluten-free’’ or ‘Organic’. The discovery of products for buyers has never been easier.

❝ Buyers can also search for a specific characteristic and proposition of a product – for example, ‘gluten-free’ or ‘organic’. Making the discovery of products from buyers even easier. ❞

We’ve improved the way we generate results and now officially showcase local first

We’ve heard the feedback that discovering the best local products in the market is something that chefs, restaurateurs and independent buyers are keen to keep an eye on and now our app enables buyers but also makers to discover local-first! When members log-in to our discovery app they can see products and profiles that are nearest to them. If the results are not sufficient for our algorithm, then suggests options that are possibly relevant to them.

Most importantly the web-app now facilitates instant messaging and replies

Todelli | Chat directly to local fine food makers

This means that members of the platform can communicate instantly and directly with one another. For example, if a hospitality buyer is interested in a product and profile they can hit the ‘Message us’ button where a personalised greeting appears prompting them to send a message. Buyers can in that way ask for additional information, for samples, or negotiate the price of an order. All profiles under the Todelli platform are verified so that both buyers and fine food makers can trust one another. Fine food makers on the other hand side can also message the buyers to introduce them to a new product that they are about to release or send them a special offer.

We couldn’t be more excited about the future and hope that with our discovery app we will help more fine food makers be discovered by Michelin awarded chefs, restaurateurs, deli owners, hotel F&B managers and other industry influencers.

If you are already part of our growing fine food community then log-in to discover our new features.

If it sounds relevant, don’t hesitate – sign up and give it a go! If you need any help or support email the team at or book some time with our Founder & CEO to jump on a call and learn more.

If you are an independent blog or an international broadcaster, we’re keen to share our work and mission at Todelli. Download our press kit here and credit where appropriate. For additional inquiries, please email

Read more about our mission to build a sustainable food chain model here.