Join us in building a sustainable food chain model

Todelli sustainable supply chain model

Why us?

51% of the food businesses in Europe according to the Data & Trends of the European food and drink industry
are SMEs.

And yet it is those businesses that still need the most support when it comes to discovering one another, trading and transferring their goods. Supporting a future of variety where every small to medium and independent food businesses can thrive is part of our goal.

Our mission is to bring fine food and drink producers together with hospitality business spaces like hotels, delicatessens, coffee shops to allow them to communicate, network and trade freely, reliably and directly.

At our heart and soul is a global community: food and drinks makers and entrepreneurs that want to grow their businesses faster, shops and business spaces that can’t find local and speciality products, influencers of the fine food and drinks industry and logistics partners that help us deliver our promise. Todelli’s mission is to reimagine the food supply chain in ways that will make it simpler, transparent and sustainable.

When you join as a producer you get the chance to tell your story in rich ways so that other business spaces can discover not just your product but who your business truly is – your story.

Now-days we also know that traceability begets confidence. By carrying the story of how you make your product to your buyers throughout our rich profile not only you raise their attention towards your values as a company and founder but you also pass your message towards your end customers.

Hospitality buyers can then get in touch to request a sample and you can start developing a relationship.

We are excited to announce that we are officially opening our doors to fine food producers and stores and we are looking forward to seeing you onboard.

Our story

It has been 6 months since we started Todelli but we are excited we are finally here! So far we have hit our first milestone: we have more than 2000 community members and active users on the platform and we keep growing fast.

Everything started 6 months ago – we’ve visited multiple trade-shows in London to identify the producers and buyers pain points. Cost and discoverability were the main for producers while buyers mentioned time and the ability to always stay on top of the local and new fine food products.

Todelli was then born as the idea of a community and place where the two could meet but also trade directly to avoid costs from both sides. The adoption was overwhelming. More than 60% of the people that got emailed after each trade show signed up to our web app. Our traction continues with food producers joining from around the world today: UK, Scotland, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal and Greece. As our Producer database grows – we have two hotel chains in London lined up to start trialling our product.

Want to find out more? Receive our investor pack, or arrange a call or meeting with our CEO Hara Mihailidou, by messaging us on with the subject “Local fine produce, globally”.

– Author: The editorial team