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Discover the taste of fine Olive Oil directly from independent makers.

New & noteworthy

Marianna Devetzoglou - Oleosophia
Monovarietal and blend EVOO with philosophy!
20006, Greece
Efthimios Christakis - Efthimios Christakis
Cold-smoked Extra Virgin Olive oil & Olives
88213, Germany
Paul Emanuel - Pure Water
Purified still and sparkling water system
SL6 7BE, United Kingdom
Leonie Mirmikidis - The Premium Greek Olive Oil Company
One bottle, one tree, one life
SW11 4DU, United Kingdom
Daniel Murphy - Bath Soft Cheese
Organic cheese made & matured on our farm in Bath
BA1 9AQ, United Kingdom
Mauro Pellegrini - MACCHIABUIA Tuscany
Macchiabuia Toscana - Maremma
58011, Italy
Adigoni Patsou - Speira Natural Products
EVOO from small Olive farms in Messinia
16451, Greece
Marcus Fergusson - Feltham's Farm
A soft blue cow’s cheese drunkenly washed in ale
BA8 0EN, United Kingdom
Jack Hodgson - Jacks Patch
Urban Farm in Essex
RM14 2JL, United Kingdom

Meet the makers

Matchæologist® is a luxury artisanal matcha brand that focuses on premium-quality matcha and contemporary matcha-ware products. We specialise in sourcing and curating only the highest-quality, artisanal-grade matcha that rivals fine wine with its multitude and sophistication of flavours in a way t...
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In the pictures, you can see The Abalone Farm at Baile na hAbhann, South Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland. We are proud suppliers of abalone and seaweed to Michelin 3-star restaurants; The Fat Duck and The Araki. Here are a few more information about our Abalone farm and process. WHAT IS AN ABA...
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