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Italians love getting together with family and friends, where the drink flows and the food is delicious. But, whilst alcohol usually turns a gathering into a party, sometimes you just don’t want to drink – the calories, the nagging headache, the drowsiness…

So, our founder, Italian born, wine-loving scientist, Roberto Vanin asked the question: wouldn't it be good to have all the pleasurable taste and sensation of drinking but without the alcohol?

And being the entrepreneur he is, he didn’t just ask but went off and created the perfect drink for 22nd Century living, BOLLE.

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Grocery New Product Award 2022 highly Commended
Grocery New Product Award 2022 Highly Commended
The Grocery New Product Award 2022, Low/No category: highly commended
About Us
Roberto Vanin Message maker
Bolle is Founded by Roberto Vanin - an oenologist (wine scientist) and chemist, who pioneered the groundbreaking technology which has resulted in the delicious non-alcohol drink that is Bolle 🥂
He says: ‘I wanted to combine traditional wine-making processes with new technology to develop a drink that not only tastes amazing but is alcohol-free, low calorie and low sugar’.

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