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Our story
Seedy Snacks is the product of two snack loving sisters who felt the UK needed genuinely healthy crackers that are made of the most nutritious seeds that still tasted indulgent. They are handmade and artisanal and uses whole organic ingredients that are seasoned with flavours from around the world.
About Us
Natasha Mangla Message maker
My name is Natasha Shamji and I am the owner and co founder of a Snack brand called Seedy Snacks. We are on a mission to reinvent snacking in the UK. What do we mean by this? We want to bridge the gap between indulgent snacking and healthy snacking. We don't believe you have to compromise health for taste and our snacks are designed and made for people to feel both satisfied and nourished. The base of all our snacks are seeds- whole, organic and down right good for you seeds. So check out our products and ... Unleash Your Inner Seediness!

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