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In the pictures, you can see The Abalone Farm at Baile na hAbhann, South Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland. We are proud suppliers of abalone and seaweed to Michelin 3-star restaurants; The Fat Duck and The Araki.

Here are a few more information about our Abalone farm and process.

Abalone is the common name given to a group of sea snails - marine gastropod molluscs in the halotidae family. Other common names include: Perlemoen (South Africa), Paua (New Zealand)and Ormer (UK). There are a number of species of abalone native to different parts of the world, but the abalo...
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Eurotoque Food Award
About Us
Sinead O'Brien Message maker
Sinead is the founder of Mungo Murphy's Seaweed Co. A supplier of fresh Irish seaweed and ambient seaweed seasoning products as well as fresh abalone, sea cucumber and sea urchins from our land-based aquaculture farm in the West of Ireland. All of our abalone, sea cucumber and sea urchins are fed a diet of fresh Connemara seaweed. No dry foods, no artificial feeds, just fresh kelp.

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