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Our story
MIXED THAL was born from a desire to capture the flavours of a multi-cultural London.

The word ‘thal’ means tray/platter in Bangla.

A traditional snack much loved in Asian households became twisted, with an infusion of flavours from around the world, sourced in the UK, capturing the essence of multi-cultural Britain.

Samosas are a great way of expressing all the amazing potential flavours and innovations that this new catering platform will provide.
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Quality Food Awards 2019
Quality Food awards 2019
About Us
Rukia Begum Message maker
I am Rukia Begum, born in Bangladesh, I moved to London, UK with my family at an early age. Growing up in London I was mesmerised by the diversity of culture, food, and fashion around me.

My happiest memory includes roaming the local markets with my siblings trying out various food stalls, and occasionally when opportunities rose, sneaking away to my friends’ homes for their mums’ traditional home cooking, be it Chinese, Indian, Thai, or the Caribbean.

To me this was the taste of London.

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