3 tips to get your fine food product on the store shelf

Fine food branding and storytelling

1. Tell your story and the story of your brand

As a fine food producer and manufacturer one of the best ways to get noticed is by telling your background story to the buyers upfront. People want to buy products that tell stories and hospitality buyers and spaces want to bring products to their stores that customers can relate to on a personal level. Digital is a key channel to pitch your fine food brand story; every social media outlet can help but make sure you identify what each one stands for. Describe how it all started for you and where your personal passion as a founder lies. How fast did you grow and what do your customers say about your product? Where are you currently selling and why should buyers choose you and not competitors? Creating a profile at Todelli, the first platform that connects fine food producers with business spaces will help you describe all the above and highlight why potential hospitality buyers should choose you.

2. Showcase your products with good photography

We’re sure that the taste of your fine food speaks for itself but it’s important prior to tasting that packaging and product photography reflect your brand story and create interest. Potential buyers will ultimately buy your product because of good quality but a conversation is started because they can see you care about all aspects of your business through the way you present it. Our advice is to pay extra attention to how you represent yourself, your brand and your products.

Get a professional to photograph your line of produce or use our handy tips on how to take stunning photos of your fine food product. We recommend you work together with a design agency when it comes to packaging, print and online marketing materials from logos to leaflets to help elevate your brand to the highest potential. Icarus & Fenix Design studio is a great agency to get you started!

3. Target the right stores

Finding stores that match you and your brand is vital. Put yourself into the store owner or manager shoes, what is their next big thing? Does your fine food product match their character and style? Can you help them generate business in their stores and maintain it? Try to identify these key factors before you get in touch with a restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or delicatessen to ensure that the story you share connects on a personal level and talks to their heart. You will see more positive replies as a result and build business relationships that last.

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– Author: The Todelli.com editorial team