How to take gorgeous photos of your fine food products

Select the right camera and photo size quality

It’s important to use a nice camera. Fortunately, they have become very affordable. You can’t go wrong with a modern digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) model. I prefer the fuji X-pro I or II which is the newest model – Model I is more affordable in comparison and final results are equally good – here is an example – . Be sure to choose a camera that can capture video, and invest in decent lenses. Using a 50mm lens can accommodate mid-range and portrait work. A 55-200mm lense – here is an example – is great for close-up work and fine food product photography.

Use a tripod

Make sure you use a tripod to keep the camera steady while your are shooting your product. You shouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on a tripod and there are many options out there that start from £50 – here is an example – that is a nice one to get started with and take it with you everywhere.

Keep a white background

There are various creative ways in order to add a white background behind your fine food product to ensure high quality in your photos. One of them is to visit your local art or photography shop and just buy two sheets of white foam board – here is an example. After that place your product at a physically lighted part of your business space/ house or even better under a spot light like in the photo below. Cover light with a white sheet of paper to create a what in photography is called a ’soft-light’ so that all your photos are balanced correctly.


Another equally cheap and quite popular option lately is to use a portable mini LED Lightbox like this example here. A great affordable solution to get great results even by just using your camera phone.

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– Author: The editorial team