Sautéed Hedgehog Mushroom Recipe & Grow Kits

Hedgehog or Lion's Mane mushroom

We adore the edible Lion’s mane Mushroom which has a unique flavour and a texture akin to crab meat. Also known as Tree hedgehog mushroom, Hericium erinaceus, yamabushitake, pom pom, monkey head, bearded, lion’s mane mushroom is used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to support brain function and neurological health.

Chefs’ suggest
“To let the true and full flavour of the mushroom shine: slice it into steaks and cook it slowly with butter or Oolong Tea Seed Oil and pepper”

chef cooking with Hedgehog mushrooms

Ingredients for the Sautéed Hedgehog Mushroom Recipe

About 1 pound hedgehog mushrooms
1 tablespoon butter or Oolong Tea Seed Oil
1 tablespoon oil ( olive oil or vegetable oil)
1 clove garlic (sliced)
1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves
Parsley or chives (minced)
Sea salt, to taste

Cooking method

01. Trim and clean the mushrooms. First, cut off  any browned, dried bits and throw them away. Use a towel to clean any dirt, give them a quick rinse under cold water and pat them thoroughly dry on paper towels. Slice them into steaks neither too thin or too thick and leave them on the side (not for too long)

02. Have your pan ready, select a large frying pan and heat it (high temperature). When the pan is hot, add the butter or Oolong Tea Seed Oil (and some Olive or vegetable oil) . When the butter is melted, add the trimmed and clean mushrooms. Stir frequently, cook until the mushrooms have released their fluid which has then evaporated, and the mushrooms are tender and starting to brown—about 5 minutes.

03. Add the garlic, parsley or minced chives and stir for about 15 seconds

04. Remove from heat and sprinkle the mushrooms with salt to taste

Grow your own – fresh & sustainable
Lion’s mane mushroom is quite rare. Instead of buying it dry we recommend that you grow it fresh yourself! It is easy with a grow kit from the Isle of Mushrooms team. Within 8 days you will be able to cook unique recipes with them at your restaurant or home! The grow kits are made from Jeff, Alex & Heather a small team on the Isle of Wight that produce 100% grown and made on-site exotic mushrooms 🍄  View all of their growing kits & mushrooms varieties

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