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Using traditional methods of fermentation, JIN JIN is carefully crafted with more than 35 different kinds of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and cultures. This ancient process produces beneficial bacteria and complex enzymes which help us fight off bad microorganisms that comes in our bodies uninvited and help maintain good gut health, and when our guts are healthy our body is happy

JIN JIN also contains an important enzymes like 'GABA' and one of the most important antioxidants 'Superoxide Dismutase' [SOD] which helps slow down ageing process and defend our bodies from harmful oxygen molec...
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About Us
Sohn Aursudkij Message maker
I started JIN JIN with good attention. My main mission is to share this miraculous drink to as many people as possible and help them move towards a healthier lifestyle.

I truly believe that good wellbeing creates positive energy and makes us feel at our best and when we are at our best we can achieve anything.

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