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In Basilica Nova, a bucolic small town of 3,000 inhabitants located in the province of Parma, We, Georgio and Gianluca Bonati, father & son produce authentic Parmigiano Reggiano, trusted by 3-Michelin star restaurants, for more than 4 generations.

While Italy's Parmigiano Reggiano consortium mandates at least 35% the feed for Parm-Regg dairy cows must be grown on the farm, we grow 100% of our own feed a mixture of beneficial grasses, herbs, and even special treats like fava beans. Such commitment to quality yields exceptional raw milk, which is the only milk we use to then carefully craft ...
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Three Spicchi di Cacio Award
ALMA CASEUS 2012 gold medal
About Us
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I am Giorgio Bonati and with my son Gianluca I lead our farm in the Parma countryside. Our family of farmers and breeders for four generations. Today we have about 100 cows that produce milk that we transform into Parmigiano Reggiano in the dairy.

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