‘Sgt. Pepper’ Seaweed Butter Umami Oyster Recipe

Doug Grigg from the Oyster Shack explains “We cooked an oyster in seaweed butter and mixed in some Umami Drops from Octopus’s Garden Seaweed. The results were undeniably brilliant. Within a moment’s notice, it was on the evening menu.”

Recipe Steps.

1. Make sure your seaweed is thoroughly washed, then add to a small pan of boiling water for 1 minute before straining and cooling with cold water. Repeat twice.

2. The seaweed now should be vibrant in colour – green for the sea lettuce and reds for the dulse – but soft to the touch. Now, with a sharp knife, shred finely.

3. Combine your butter, seaweed and smoked salt together in a bowl, or a stand mixer if you have one. Then mix together, so the seaweed is evenly distributed throughout the butter.

4. On a stretch of greaseproof paper, shape your butter into a log shape, about the width of a two pence piece. Roll the parchment around the butter so it’s in a cylinder shape. Chill in the fridge until it firms.

5. Preheat your oven or grill to 180C/350F/gas mark 4.

6. Carefully shuck your oysters (check videos on YouTube if you haven’t done this before).

7. Slice your butter according to the number of oysters you wish to cook – about a coin’s width each would be ideal. Dress each oyster with a coin of butter.

8. Place the oysters and butter under the grill or in the oven until the oysters are over 70C, or semi-firm and piping hot to the touch. (Tip: using a cupcake tray is perfect to stop the oysters from falling over when cooking.)

9. Remove your oysters from the oven/grill and place on a bed of salt, to keep the shells in place. Add several droplets of umami essence to each oyster and enjoy. You can discover Umami drops on todelli.com at food-service prices here.

For the full recipe also check here.