Dry January Non-Alcoholic Cocktails with Cordials

Urban Cordial's tangily sweet raspberry and rosemary cordial, used as a mixer in non-alcoholic cocktailsTo give you that extra boost of motivation for the end of Dry January, we’re delighted to share some wonderful  non-alcoholic cocktail recipes from the brilliant Urban Cordial, founded by Natasha Steele.

Urban Cordial's Blackberry & Lavender Cordial used here in two non-alcoholic cocktails

Urban Cordial

Natasha Steele left a career in the City to start producing cordials full-time after her friends and family loved the drinks she was making from the fruit in her allotment. Right from the start she used very little sugar, allowing the taste of the fruit itself to shine through.

What we love about Urban Cordial is that Natasha’s focus on local produce and taste was carried through from allotment to farm as business kept growing – as well as the same insistence on minimising food surplus as much as possible, as over a third of global food never reaches our plates simply because it’s thought odd-looking. As a result, Natasha got in touch with local farms for their excess produce and to date, Urban Cordial has helped save over 100 tonnes of produce from landfill. Just one bottle of Raspberry and Rosemary saves around 60 raspberries from going to waste, and Pear and Ginger uses every ounce of five pears. The fruit is of the highest quality, even if it is slightly bumpy or lumpy! Plus, all pulp from the production process is used as animal feed so waste is truly minimised as much as possible.

We stock every flavour and they’re all a delight! From a carefully considered choice of eight, there’s a cordial for each moment of the year so you can make the most of the best seasonal produce which goes into each drink.

They can be enjoyed with sparkling water, vodka, or gin; alternately, why not try them as the star of your favourite cocktail, alcoholic or not? Take pleasure in the soothing properties of Apple, Cinnamon & Clove in a hot toddy when in need of comfort on dark winter nights. Come out of hibernation in spring with Elderflower, an elegant mix with fizzy water; or enjoy the taste of summer all year round with the fragrant Raspberry and Rosemary, which is especially invigorating with lime juice – check out the recipe below.

As well as offering each flavour of cordial separately, we also have a bundle of six bottles: The Ultimate Cocktail Makers, which includes Strawberry & Sage, Blackberry & Lavender, and four other flavours. One 500ml bottle can give you around 10-15 glasses, so there’s plenty if you’re having friends over and want to show off your cocktail-making skills.

If you’d like more ideas, we’ve featured some non-alcoholic cocktail recipes from Urban Cordial below – read on for fresh inspiration.

Urban Cordial's warming Pear and Ginger drink, used here as a mixer in non-alcoholic cocktails1. Wilma’s Simple Fizz

What you need:
30ml Pear & Ginger cordial
Fizzy water

Mixing it up:
Add cordial to the glass and top up with fizzy water.

Serves 1

Perfect with any dish!

2. Mandy’s Sour Face

What you need:
30ml Raspberry & Rosemary cordial
15ml lime juice
Fizzy water

Mixing it up:
Add cordial and lime juice to the glass and top up with fizzy water.

Serves 1

Great with fajitas!

3. Alf’s Marteenee

What you need:
30ml Apple, Lemon & Fennel cordial
30ml non-alcoholic gin (optional)
25ml apple juice
7ml lemon juice

Mixing it up:
Add ice to a shaker along with all the other ingredients and shake shake shake. Strain into your glass, sip and dance.

Serves 1

Great served alongside a quinoa and bean salad with an orange-coriander dressing!

4. Wilma’s Punchy Pear

What you need:
160ml Pear & Ginger cordial
1 vanilla pod
1tbsp golden caster sugar
3 cardamom pods
25ml raw apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp rosewater
sparkling water

Mixing it up:
Add the cordial, vanilla, sugar and cardamom to a pan and bring to a simmer. Leave to cool completely and strain into a jug (or punch bowl if you are feeling retro)! Add the vinegar, rosewater and sparkling water.

Serves 6

Great with a retro prawn cocktail or alternatively lots of snacks!

5. Bobby’s Mule

What you need:
30ml Apple, Cinnamon & Clove cordial
20ml Apple juice
5ml Apple cider vinegar
Ginger beer

Mixing it up:
Add cordial, juice and vinegar to glass and top up with ginger beer. If you’re feeling fancy coat the rim of the glass in cinnamon sugar.

Serves 1

Great with a roast!

6. Patricia’s Lemonade

What you need:
35ml Blackberry & Lavender cordial

Mixing it up:
Add cordial to a glass and top up with lemonade.

Serves 1

Serve with fish and chips!