Clear Tomato & Apple Consommé Recipe

We’ve spent some time with the Executive Head Chef Lee Szukalski from the St. John & St. Elizabeth Hospital last week and he shared with us his passion for sourcing local, seasonal ingredients for their Kitchen. Being Creative as a Chef in the Kitchen , he comments can be Expressed in all types of Workplaces.

Here is a Cold Refreshing Soup Recipe from Lee, perfect for the hot summer evenings…

A Cold Refreshing Soup perfect for the hot summer evenings


1 kilo fresh tomatoes washed and chopped small diced

3 oz white sugar

4 egg whites

Half carton of apple juice

3 tablespoons cider vinegar

3 pints cold water

Clean cloth muslin prefered

Method of cooking

Place your fresh tomatoes on a chopping board and cut into small dice collecting all juice whilst cutting

Place this into a clean bowl and add the sugar, apple juice, cider vinegar and cold water to the tomatoes.

Mix thoroughly and place in the fridge for 30 minutes covered

In a clean bowl whisk the egg whites till they are light and fluffy but don’t over whisk or they will split

Mixing slowing add egg white to your mixture and stir till all egg whites have incorporated into the mixture thoroughly 

Run your cloth under cold water and drain excess water place a clean bowl with a chinos (strainer placing the cloth into the strainer allowing no gaps, pour your mixture in slowly and place in the fridge overnight to drain slowly

The result of your soup will be a clear refreshing soup perfect for the summer

Chefs tips:
“Don’t push through the soup to quick otherwise it will become cloudy and won’t have the perfectly clear look”. 

This can also be garnished or can be served in tall slim shot glasses