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Our story
Born in Beijing, crafted in London!

We’ve spent the last decade travelling deep into the heart of China to bring you a range of chilli oils and ferments so special, they might just change your life. Tonnes of flavour packed into every jar. Yep!

All of our oils feature two star ingredients;

Erjingtiao chillies and Sichuan peppercorns. We've sourced both of our key ingredients directly from Sichuan, because you can't beat the OG!

Our versatile products taste good with almost anything. Yep! Use them as a marinade, cook with them, mix them, or just drizzle them over your favourite di...
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About Us
Thomas Palmer Message maker
Tom has been obsessed with the powerful flavours of Southwest China since the moment he stepped foot there back in 2013. After spending the next 9 years living in China, his obsession only continued to grow. Now, with the help of some local knowledge, lots of batch testing, and enough chillies to burn a house down, he has created a brand to celebrate those powerful flavours and have brought them to the UK. Uncensored, unbeatable. He hopes you will enjoy them as much as he does!

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