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The partnership of Todelli with Absolute Press & Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. allows us to offer you a selection of the best cookbooks written by the most inspiring chefs & authors in the UK.

Absolute Press was founded by Jon Croft in 1979, and began by publishing collections of recipes from the UK’s top chefs – a radical move at the time.

In 1981 Jon Croft commissioned Keith Floyd to write his first cookbook thus cementing a long publishing and personal relationship that helped transform TV tie-in food publishing and also produced a string of bestselling books from Floyd.

In 2011 w...
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Yasmin Khan is a best-selling and award-winning author, broadcaster and campaigner, who is passionate about sharing people’s stories through food.

Her work sits on the intersection of food, travel and politics and her critically-acclaimed books, The Saffron Tales, Zaitoun and Ripe Figs use everyday stories to human connection to challenge stereotypes of the Middle East and celebrate beauty in places more commonly associated with conflict.

Yasmin is a regular media commentator, appearing on flagship shows as Newsnight, the Today programme and Women’s Hour, and has written for publications such as the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Financial Times, New Statesmen, Saveur, Afar, and Roads and Kingdoms amongst others. Prior to writing books, Yasmin trained in Law and was a human rights campaigner for a decade, running national and international campaigns on poverty and human rights.

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