Vinegar Shed
Location Perivale GREENFORD United Kingdom Product category Oil & Vinegar
Our story
Born out of a love of vinegar and other elemental cooking ingredients (such as oils, herbs and spices to name just a few of our staples), Vinegar Shed is a fine food business devoted to bringing some of the world's most interesting, organic and exclusive foodstuffs to a wider audience.

We travel regularly around Europe and further afield to find passionate artisans making some very special small-batch products - all are guaranteed to add some amazing flavour and excitement to your everyday cooking.

There are fabulous Banyuls wine vinegars (including a sensational saffron blend and Verm...
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Great Taste 2017 1-star Award
About Us
Andy Harris Message maker
I'm the founder of Vinegar Shed. As a food and travel writer, well-known magazine editor and excellent cook, I have tasted many of the world’s most interesting vinegars, oils, spices and rare wild peppers on my culinary travels over the years. We are dedicated to procuring the very best foodstuffs to enrich your kitchen experience. We travel around the globe to meet passionate producers and chefs, and establish long-term, sustainable partnerships supplying their unique products selling to top UK chefs, restaurants and food stores.