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Hi, I am Cata - one of the founders of Tarwi. Let me quickly share with you my story.

In 2016 I decided to go vegan, but I struggled to find the perfect protein source to support my plant-based diet: a protein that would not leave me bloated like many beans do. So I rediscovered something that had been there all along: Lupins! A legume I grew up with in Portugal, commonly enjoyed with a beer in the sunshine.

I grew up thinking lupins were unhealthy because of their association with beer when, in reality, they have:
- double the protein and fibre of most legumes
- a complete amino acid ...
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Hi, I am Cata, one of the founders of Tarwi.

After struggling with the bloating and indigestion from consuming chickpeas, lentils and black beans, I came across lupins: a cultural staple in southern Europe, that is high in protein and fibre, and lectin-free: giving me all the gut-loving benefits without the bloat!.

Fast forward, I roped in two close friends to create Tarwi: a brand on a mission to make simple and delicious plant-based foods that give back to the environment.

Check out all the cool stuff we are doing: @tarwifoods

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