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We source Spanish avocados right from the beginning of their season, direct from small-scale producers outside Nerja. Their farms lie in citrus grove, just at the break between the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters.

Our Avocado growers & farmers are only in Malaga helping us to bring Hass avocado from November till June, without undercutting the farmer.

SpanishAvo is born from the idea that Manuel Navas had more than 20 years ago; a period in which olive cultivation predominated throughout the area of ​​La Axarquia (Malaga) in southern Spain, where he wanted to try new crops suited t...
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Yusa Battal Message maker
We are two friends, myself and Carlos Navas, who met in London in 2014 when they worked together in the world of hospitality. It was there that the idea of ​​taking the avocado from Nerja and Frigiliana (Malaga) to London with care, transparency and provenance was born. We supply already multiple coffee shops & restaurants: Hugs & Bites, 26 Grains, The Catalyst, Ozone and so many more.

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