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Absolute Press was founded by Jon Croft in 1979, and began by publishing collections of recipes from the UK’s top chefs – a radical move at the time.

In 1981 Jon Croft commissioned Keith Floyd to write his first cookbook thus cementing a long publishing and personal relationship that helped transform TV tie-in food publishing and also produced a string of bestselling books from Floyd.

In 2011 w...
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Rob started cooking at the age of 14, with chef being his first ever job. From that moment onwards, he has explored all areas of the role: moving to France to cook, honing his skills in high-end London dining, and working in hotels. Having clearly earned his stripes over the years, Rob now wants to use this wealth of experience to “do the right thing”, wondering in what way he can use this knowledge best, and enjoy it as he goes.

After leaving his role as Head Chef at the Michelin Star gastropub, The Pony and Trap and in search of his own restaurant, Rob met with restaurant owner and friend Josh Eggleton to discuss the idea of a vegetable-based eatery. Five years on, Rob and his wife find themselves at Root, which has continued to grow and organically become as waste free and eco conscious as possible. With an attitude that has moved away from creating an individual masterpiece and focusing on the entire process and experience, Root received recognition from Michelin in 2020.

Rob Howell's debut book showcases his creative approach to vegetable-led cookery and is packed with tips for those looking to put veg centre stage.

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