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Hey! We are Ben and Alice. Far from experts, connoisseurs or single-origin snobs, we're just a couple of coffee lovers who love trying new things. One of our favourite things to do is discover and taste new varieties of coffee. Especially from up-and-coming roasters with a good story to tell. So we've created RiSE to take you on our coffee adventure. We've partnered with some of the most exciting roasters across the UK to showcase and deliver the best coffee you can find. All of the coffee we feature is high quality, 100% Arabica specialty coffee and responsibly sourced. We look for roasters w...
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About Us
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At RISE we’re shaking up the coffee industry and raising the bar in what it means to take a more responsible approach to sourcing great quality coffee. We don’t believe great tasting coffee should compromise the wellbeing of people or the planet, so we put those two things first in everything we do to help people feel better about getting their coffee kick. We call it Friendly coffee

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