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Our story
It started with a road trip and two hungry kids. In 2017 having returned to London from Nigeria where we had been running our confectionery manufacturing business, we spent three weeks driving across Italy. During the trip we encountered an unexpected, yet recurrent problem. A problem that would inspire us to create our version of an answer and lead us to Prodigy.

Our kids as young kids do require regular snacks. Most days we would pull into the nearest gas station to begin the frustrating task of trying to find them something to eat, that we felt ok about them eating. A snack that would do...
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About Us
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We make delicious chocolate that enables all of us to make healthier choices for ourselves and our planet every single day. Chocolate that contains no palm oil or refined sugar, is low in natural sugar, vegan and dairy free and wrapped in compostable packaging.

We love chocolate. We’ve always loved chocolate, but somewhere along the road it lost its way. So, we went on a road trip and thanks to our children decided to bring real chocolate back, only better.

We hope you enjoy every bite,

Neena and Sameer Vaswani

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