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Onsuri olive oil is made to the highest standards of quality and sustainability according to traditional European processes. Four varieties, all extra virgin and pressed within an hour of picking, span Greek, Spanish and Jordanian fruits cultivated at the heart of the Fertile Crescent. A model of sustainable, ethical production, in harmony with plant, land and community, elevates Onsuri from ‘special’ to unique; with fruit tenderly propagated across generations, the farm’s seasonal workers often include Syrian refugees as well as locals.

While many families in Jordan maintain small ...
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Beneath the Jordanian sun, and above artesian wells feeding still reservoirs, 215,000 olive trees are growing. Here, since the turn of the century, the farm’s owner Ziad Bilbeisi has presided over some of the Middle East’s highest quality olive oil. Having slowly refined his processes – tilting the plants to follow the sun, importing a small press from Italy – today, Onsuri is earning a reputation as a world-class, truly remarkable oil, bringing the Bilbeisi farm’s exceptional produce to Michelin chefs and connoisseurs around the globe.

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