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In 2015, Gabriella wanted to boost her mood and energy without relying on any added sugar.

After struggling to find any unsweetened snack products on the market – and growing bored of plain almond butter – she decided to invest in a food processor and started making her own healthy Nutella. Blends of just nuts and a pinch of spice. Nothing else.

The resulting texture and taste was 100x better – she immediately fell in love with how great it made her feel and couldn’t put the spoon down! One day proclaiming to her Mum, I think I could sell this!

That was the lightbulb moment to...
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About Us
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Nut Blend are obsessed with product transparency.

We blend just nuts and a pinch of natural spices - literally nothing else - to naturally satisfy without the sugar high. Revolutionising the category with game-changing flavours.

Whether you spread it on toast, stir it into porridge, swirl it into yoghurt or just stick a spoonful straight in - Nut Blend are on a mission to provide feel-good energy without the crash.

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