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Relocating to Glasgow, Scotland, in 2008, Katerina, the Founder of Naked Kimchi, found herself missing the rich tapestry of flavours she had grown accustomed to. The scarcity of authentic kimchi varieties in her new home led her to start fermenting her own, recreating the cherished tastes of her father's kitchen and the diverse kimchi she loved on Sakhalin Island.

What began as a personal endeavour to bridge the culinary gap in her life evolved into a mission to share her passion with others. Fermentation became a way to connect with friends and community in Glasgow, sharing not just food ...
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About Us
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In the UK's dynamic vegan and gluten-free food scene, Naked Kimchi & Co shines, led by Founder and CEO Katerina Hayes. A serial entrepreneur and circular economy expert, Katerina infuses her brand with rich, fermented Ukrainian tradition and a dedication to sustainability. Beyond creating premium food, her story weaves through generations, embracing culinary exploration and wellness. Committed to social impact, she employs Ukrainian refugees and collaborates with local farmers for sourcing ingredients, adding depth to her flavourful journey.

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