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Our story
Gita’s research not only lead her to cooking balanced meals rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids, but she started pickling again. She was a strong believer in the health benefits of pickled and fermented foods however now she had a powerful reason and her passion driving her.

With every passing year, every holiday and travel experience, Gita came into contact with cuisines and flavors from around the world. She learnt to embrace variances and play with spices to create her own fusion. The world was suddenly a smaller place where we all speak the universal language of food.
About Us
Gita Raikundalia Message maker
I simply had to share my passion with the world, everything that I felt, everything that I knew.
Nakasero's artisan recipes are unique mouth watering creations inspired by my travels around the world and passion for food.
Our unique recipes bring culinary colour to your dining table, giving any food a punch of flavour!
A beautifully crafted relishes and condiments that enhances every dish you serve.

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