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Our story
Suffering from illness in 2019 and after exhausting all the conventional treatment options, JUX Founder Anna Wood turned to food to recover. Educating herself on the power of certain foods and the importance of good gut-health, she soon discovered that a plant-rich diet was not only integral to her recovery but also has a huge amount of benefits beyond health.

But eating a varied and plant-rich diet is hard for a number of reasons.

Growing up in the depths of rural Norfolk, Anna saw first-hand the care and attention that goes into growing our food. Yet by the time this food reaches our p...
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About Us
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JUX Food is an exciting new SUPER INGREDIENTS brand. We use NASA developed technology to shake up the dried ingredient category.

Health - Our products are 100% natural, contain up to 99% of their original nutritional value
Convenience – JUX Food products can be stored in your cupboard and stay fresh for 2 years.
Flavour – Our products contain up to 99% of their original flavour making them vastly superior to traditionally dried products
Reducing Waste – Our products can be used to replace both fresh and dried products.

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