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Our story
It all started as a hobby... an unusual hobby for a 21 year old accounting student but a hobby none the less. Hobby soon became obsession and upon graduating University Matthew took to growing his beekeeping business. Focusing on producing 'beelicious' honey with industry beating levels of traceability.

Fast forward and in 2019 we started experimenting with infused honeys and we haven’t looked back since, while natural honey takes some beating, the subtle infusions add just a bit more excitement to your breakfast, cup of coffee or cooking.

Each morning, when English weather permits,...
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About Us
Matthew Ingram Message maker
Based in Tamworth in Staffordshire with over 140 hives, we are a small independent bee farm focused on providing a great range of British premium honeys.

I am Matt and my story begins just before my 21st birthday when I got my first hive; even now when asked why I started bee-keeping, I’m not too sure just a random hobby…that soon grew! My great-grandpa kept bees at Holt Hall, so I think it’s a family tradition.

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