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Our story
Food of Gods is on a resolute mission to de-commoditise the spice industry by prioritising transparency & nutrition. Through direct partnerships with regenerative farmers across Madagascar, Ghana, Sri Lanka & India, our products not only embodies exceptional quality but also actively contribute to biodiversity conservation.
About Us
Prerna Baruah Message maker
Prerna Baruah's first-hand experience of pure spices grown at source, during her visits to farms in Iran, Zanzibar, India and Ghana made her aware of the contrasting reality of food ingredients sold in neighbourhood grocery stores in India to the shelves of upscale departmental stores in Switzerland.

Motivated by her passion to build a brand with a key focus on nutrition and transparency, Food of Gods launched in Accra in 2021 and expanded in the UK in 2023.

She spent 2 years forging deep relationships with farmers across India, Sri Lanka, Ghana & Madagascar with a vision to build a direct transparent supply chain that provides consumers access to the finest & freshest single-estate spices.

Prerna is an advocate of transparent food provenance & championing her farm partner's small-scale regenerative agricultural practices that are critical for conserving biodiversity and building a socially & economically sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

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