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Feltham’s Farm is 22 acres of organic land in the north of Somerset’s beautiful Blackmore Vale. It is run by Marcus Fergusson and Penny Nagle, who moved here five years ago. There are always people around as our cheese business employs between two and four people while living on-site there are up to four international volunteers at any time. This is a community of people interested in good food, sourced both locally and organically.

Feltham’s Farm is going through the organic conversion process with The Soil Association. We have always farmed using organic principles, so that mean...
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Marcus Fergusson Message maker
Our cheese business came about almost by accident after I left a corporate job in London much to my relief. We wanted to do something on the farm but at 22 acres it was too small to farm conventionally while making enough money to live on. I have always been obsessed with cheese and after a one-day course at River Cottage, there was no turning back. We’re just a few years into this adventure but we have won numerous awards and the order book keeps getting fatter. In many ways, it seems that this is a mid-life crisis that seems to be panning out OK.

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