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The partnership of Todelli with Absolute Press & Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. allows us to offer you a selection of the best cookbooks written by the most inspiring chefs & authors in the UK.

Absolute Press was founded by Jon Croft in 1979, and began by publishing collections of recipes from the UK’s top chefs – a radical move at the time.

In 1981 Jon Croft commissioned Keith Floyd to write his first cookbook thus cementing a long publishing and personal relationship that helped transform TV tie-in food publishing and also produced a string of bestselling books from Floyd.

In 2011 w...
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Dee Rettali was at the forefront of the organic food movement, having founded Patisserie Organic in 1998, and her belief in preserving traditional crafts, using time-honoured techniques and sourcing simple, seasonal ingredients has informed the way she cooks and bakes ever since. She opened Fortitude Bakehouse in London in 2018 and has amassed a loyal following.
Her book, Baking with Fortitude takes its name from her bakery chain but decribes a woman with grit in her belly.

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