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AVANTCHA™ is driven by the desire to marry traditional tea culture with modern sophistication. We source an extensive range of certified organic teas, matcha, biodegradable silk teabags and naturally farmed rare teas which are presented in modern and minimalistic packaging.

Our focus is to connect consumers to the stories of the farmers and communities that produce our exquisite range of teas. We place emphasis on upholding sustainable tea production practices that have a low impact on the environment while maintaining our commitment to providing you with the finest teas on the market. W...
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About Us
Katherine Wright Message maker
Director, AVANTCHA™ UK | Get in touch for all business enquiries. Alongside the retail products visible here, we also offer a large selection of teas in wholesale pouches.

We pride ourselves not only on our unparalleled tea selection but on our obsessive attention to detail and high levels of customer service. Our team will help you design unique tea menus and provide complete and ongoing training.

Follow us on social media (@avantchatea_uk) for all our AVANTCHA updates.

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