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Amboora is a brand born from food discovered in my childhood, and treasured in adulthood. Named in honour of my daughter, Amboora (the Arabic nickname for “Amber”), is more than a business, it’s a platform with a heartfelt mission to ensure Amber is proud of her heritage, and educated about her ancestors’ Moroccan cultural practices. I intend that while Amber learns and embraces the culture, so will you.

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Amboora, founded by Nadia Hamila, introduces innovative North African food products to the UK market. Nadia, a London-born foodie of Moroccan and Tunisian descent, loves nothing more than to share new flavours and culinary secrets with you – all unearthed from her rich cultural heritage. She discovered the magic of Morocco during childhood visits to Tangier, a city where the glittering Atlantic ocean meets the turquoise Mediterranean.

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