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You message & sell to new restaurants & chefs
Absolutely an honour for us to be part of Todelli. I'm very positive about the idea and we have recently expanded our matcha product line up including our Culinary Matcha, which targets coffee shops, restaurants and boutique stores. Thus I'm very excited to be working with you!
Akio 田中章男 | Director –
Frequently asked questions

What type of producers can join Todelli?

We welcome all speciality & fine food products from Beverages and drinks, Condiments & Sauces, Dairy Products, Dips & Spreads, Nuts & Seeds to Pasta & Noodles, Seasonings & Spices, Snack Foods, Tofu, Soy & Vegetarian Products, Bakery products and more.

What do I need to join?

You must be a registered food & drinks company and provide a valid business address. You should also be true to the 5 principles we pay attention to. Certificates & Awards are not a must-have to join but you can showcase these as you complete your profile. We will support you in every step of the way!

How long does it take to create my profile?

Getting started only takes a minute or two. Add your email, choose a password and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs to verify your details and take any additional profile information.

How do I sell?

Once your profile is approved by our team, Chefs can discover you, message you directly and start a chat to ask for samples or order online from the products you have listed on your Todelli shop. Read our full article on how orders work to learn more.

How will I know if a Chef or Restaurateur is interested?

When you receive a new message in the web-app you will receive an email notification from us informing you that your product has some interest from a potential buyer.

In how many countries are you right now?

Our buyers are from the UK alone. We welcome unique, speciality suppliers from other countries though. Most of our suppliers come from the UK as well but also from Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain.

What kind of business spaces and buyers can I expect to use Todelli?

We attract Chefs, Restaurateurs & Hoteliers from London and the UK. Along with our marketing activities we reach an audience that is larger than 1.3M people. Want to learn more? Schedule some time for a chat.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, it’s free to join. We will continue to add value to you with add-on services so as we grow so do you.

Have any more questions? Contact us at or arrange a call-back.