Pricing for Producers

Free to get started forever
New foodpreneur


Get your fine food discovered by Chefs & Restaurateurs


Discoverable shop

Ability to discover Chefs & Restaurateurs within the UK

Receive and send messages

Ten product listings

Online payments

Online help & support

Email marketing notifications to Chefs & Restaurateurs

Social media promotions

Platform fee applies to help maintain it, learn more 

Growing business


Grow your network with dedicated sales support


All that’s in Included in the Free Package Plus:

Unlimited product listings

Paid Advertising, promoting your brand & products

Dedicated sales manager

Sales Calls to Chefs & Restaurateurs

Exclusive early-bird access to sampling events

Discounts to selected services (food-photography, video etc.)

No platform fee on transactions above £100

Established business


All the data you need to help you grow globally


All that’s in Included in the Growing Business Package Plus:

No platform fee

Insightsanalytics dashboard

Access to global logistic partners & discounts