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Mak Kimchi

Product category Pickled Fruits & Vegetables
Naturally fermented without any preservatives or additives, The Korean Pantry Mak Kimchi is unpasteurised packed full of probiotics and prebiotics to support your gut health. Its spicy yet fresh and zingy taste will make it the main character of your stir-fries, stews and grilled cheese sandwiches, or the best companion to your cheese & charcuterie boards or salad.
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Minimum quantity is 12 items
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Chinese leaf
Spring onion
Korean pear
Korean chilli pepper flakes
glutinous rice flour
dried shiitake mushroom
fermented Korean plum extract
Korean solar sea salt

Made in: United Kingdom

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About Us
Cindy Robert Message maker
The Korean Pantry is the brainchild of pastry chef turned Kimchi maker, Cindy Robert.

After extensively travelling in South Korea and learning the art of kimchi from Kimchi master chefs and Korean mums, Cindy came back to London with the wish to share all that she learned.

She started to manage a Korean BBQ restaurant in North London where the head chef and herself taught many how to make kimchi and other Korean dishes like kimbap, tofu, jjigae and so on.

She travelled many times again to South Korea to deepen her understanding and knowledge of Korean cuisine, cooking with renowned South Korean chefs and food bloggers. But where she got the best tips and techniques were when she made kimjang with older Korean women, sharing techniques that only Mums with years of experience would know.

It’s that expertise and knowledge that Cindy will share with you via The Korean Pantry, whether it’s from eating her artisan kimchi, or coming to one of her cooking classes to know the secrets of authentic Korean food.