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Warm and rich with a herbal nutty flavour


Natural Honey

Made in: United Kingdom

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Balham Honey

Product category Jam, Honey & Preserves
Warm and rich with a herbal nutty flavour
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About Pearly Queen Honey

London, United Kingdom
hi, I'm Meetal Patel and I'm an urban beekeper. I find bees fascinating and they are massively important. A lot of food that we eat every day on our table comes as a result of pollination. The honey that I sell is from different parts of London and I call it London in a jar! Each part of London even has its own distinct flavour and taste from the other even if it is a few miles apart.

All of our honey is natural, and not blended. It is exactly how the bees have made it - we don't add, treat or mix anything to it as it is delicious enough as it is.

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