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African Ginger and Lemon (Mild)

Product category Drinks
Treat your taste buds to our Mild Ginger and Lemon drink which is also vegan and immune system friendly. Just right for you if you prefer to have your Ginger very mild or not so keen on Ginger. This perfect blend of Ginger and Lemon is very light and refreshing and every mouthful leaves you with a very smooth taste. Have it either hot in a mug or cold. Also serves as a mixer with Gin, Tonic, Vodka, Herbs, Mocktails, Cocktails, etc.
24 x 12Kg
(exc. VAT)
Minimum quantity is 2 cases for this product
Minimum quantity is 2 cases
Allow 5 days for delivery

Made in: United Kingdom

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SALSA - Safe and Local Supplier Approval
Light & refreshing, we guarantee you will love our drinks.
About Us
Hermina Lartey Message maker
KORKO is an artisan food and drink brand. Our drinks are uniquely produced in Kent using classic passed down traditional African recipes. KORKO drinks are perfect for a treat, for sharing or gifting.