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Kromanti Rum is an award-winning libation, honouring the true spirit of Island life with its authentic mix of Caribbean herbs and spices. Taking its name from the Kromanti people, this small batch rum is infused with the herbs and spices that provided physical and spiritual nourishment to its community — tamarind, nutmeg and cinnamon.


Julien Fedon, the son of a French jeweller and an enslaved woman.

Kromanti Kojo, a drummer captured and exiled to Grenada during the second Maroon war.

As one of the Kromanti people, Kojo was well aware of how importa...
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About Us
Danielle David Message maker
Danielle David, this sense of meaningful connection and passion for their shared heritage also sits at the heart of her work:

"I had already been working in the shipping industry for twelve years. After over a decade, I realised I just didn’t feel any sense of belonging. Where I did feel this, was at home. So I joined my Dad on his mission to change the rum industry and make it more like the home we know and love.”

Alongside her father, Danielle is all in on sharing the authentic connection to her roots and celebrating and sharing its bounty with Kromanti Rum.

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