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Our story
Our logo carries the emblem of a bird looking backwards. This is the "Sankofa" bird an "Adinkra" symbol of the people of Ghana and Ivory Coast in West Africa. Sankofa symbolises going back to reclaim valuables from the past to use in the future. This is what KORKO stands for, creating classic artisan food and drinks using passed down traditional African recipes.

Our products are made to a fine finish to suite European palette. Authenticity and uniqueness is at the focus of what we do hence the reason why each product is solely created with special in house recipe. We aim to take adventurou...
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SALSA - Safe and Local Supplier Approval
About Us
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KORKO is an artisan food and drink brand. Our drinks are uniquely produced in Kent using classic passed down traditional African recipes. KORKO drinks are perfect for a treat, for sharing or gifting.

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