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Our story
Heraia was born in 2017 in the centre of Sicily, from the initiative of a young entrepreneur who wanted to enhance the value of his territory and create a synergy between local producers to channel his passion and strength in the creation of a brand that expresses charm, quality and a lot of curiosity in food products that offers both in classic formats, but also with innovative and even historical recipes of the hinterland.

Hybla Heraia (Υβλα ‛Ηραία) or Ibla Erea, was an archaic colony of Greek Sicily; the smallest of the three Ible described in antiquity, located in eastern Sic...
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About Us
Calogero Giunta Message maker
I am the owner and developer of the brand named Heraia. I am an olive oil nerd and producer with a love of good food and myth.

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