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Our story
More than 40,000 people have passed through Rosalind’s doors, drawn by the school’s accessible approach to teaching, peerless sustainability credentials (a three-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurants Association and then some), and zero-tolerance for pretentious gastro-jargon. Many of its students come in groups from London’s corporate sphere – Rosalind has a reputation for transforming cooking classes into memorable lessons in leadership.

Rosalind has now been teaching cooking for more than 50 years – so there can be few tutors out there who know their (organic, locally gr...
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About Us
Rosalind Rathouse Message buyer
The existence of the Cookery School at Little Portland Street is a happy accident. I never intended to set up a school – it was born of necessity when a young would-be chef turned to me for help. In effect, the first student came before the first tutor.